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7 Best Free Spy Camera Apps for Your Android - Cancioneira App Reviews

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What better software to use for your home spy cam than software that is in use with some real intelligence agencies around the world. Instead of watching a monitor for hours waiting for someone to enter your dorm room and steal your prized possessions, just tell Sighthound to monitor it for you, and to send you an alert when it sees a person. It makes sense that a task that requires constant vigilance for long periods would be better performed by a computer than a human it is estimated that a person can only watch a video screen for 20 minutes before they start to miss events , but because computer vision is a lot harder than voice recognition, for example, the technology is only just becoming available. Get out in front - let Sighthound spy on the spy cam for you. That means you can watch what is happening on a spy camera set up to keep an eye on the nanny on the same mobile app that you use for your home security cameras. With Sighthound you can choose the right camera for the right situation. A large range of cameras are pre-configured, others can be easily added.