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Michelle Williams :: Celebrity Movie Archive

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The miracle of a baby-face heartthrob in the mold of preternaturally fair Michelle Williams is that while the body matures into the action-packed curves of a grown woman, the angel mug retains the libido-inspiring innocence of a recent virgin. Michelle's mien of uncertain cherry first surfaced at the start of a five-season courtship as one of the impossible Dawson's Creek cuties. In Michelle gave a much-needed dose of mammage to the gay cowboy flick Brokeback Mountain. Although nominated, she didn't take home Oscar gold, but did take home the movie's star, Heath Ledger , with whom she had a daughter before his untimely death. Spankfully, motherhood hasn't kept Michelle out of the skin game- some of her best nudity, including her topless scene in Incendiary , her rug-muching scene with Ryan Gosling in Blue Valentine , and her full-frontal flash in Take This Waltz , has come after the birth of her daughter.